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Ivy Brooks is a Business & Marketing Strategist, Author, and Professional Celebrant. She works intimately with people on a mission to create meaningful results in their industry, and their lives. Her clients include all walks of life from “everyday” people to celebrities, and she’s known for creating impressive results quickly with sequential action, her disregard for rules, and her deep understanding of what people want and need. Curious to learn more?  

“All that matters is how you feel and how you make others feel”

Ivy M. Brooks

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The History of Ivy M. Brooks/The Copywriter To Know

I went “online” in 2016, armed with nothing more than a $400 dollar computer and a couple Udemy classes on copywriting. I didn’t have a college degree, I didn’t know anyone in the online space, and I wasn’t invited by anyone to think I could do this.

Now I tell all new entrepreneurs that you mostly have everything you need inside you on Day 1. What made my first clients take a chance on me is the same reason people pay thousands upfront just to remain in my schedule today.

Before going online, all my business experience was in retail and other service-based brick and mortar businesses (Much to my benefit, too, because this is often my competitive edge in digital marketing).

Having been raised (and put to work) by an entrepreneur and having “the knack”, I’ve been in business virtually my whole life.

At 18, I began my career in retail management and by 22, I got my first business license for Clean House Clear Mind, LLC, which I owned for nearly 3 years until I decided to move from Minnesota to Las Vegas.

An Unexpected Turn

After just a year in Las Vegas, I got pregnant. (You can read more about that here.)

After having faced my biggest fear alone in 2015, pregnancy, I was ready to tackle my next biggest challenge: Provide the best life I can for my son and not become the statistic of a single parent.

I’ve now helped over 100 businesses (I helped 24 just last year) in too many industries to count and made many millions for them combined. I’ve carried payroll expenses with my services and helped companies pivot during difficult times. I boost company morale, good will, and customer experience ratings. I solidify branding, provide direction, fix “leaks”, and scale businesses to new heights and only once imagined possibilities!

What Makes Me Unique

No one has my well-rounded experience: Years of having my sleeves rolled up in the real world contributes to my ability to speak (and sell) to potential and existing customers in a way other digital marketers can’t.

No one has my drive and dedication: I treat my client’s businesses like my own. My success is your success. Read my case studies.

No one does feelings like I do: Aside from the practical application of my skills and experience, my business FEELS different and for good reason. All that matters in life is how you feel and how you make others feel. How a business owner feels while making important and sometimes uncomfortable decisions can be just as important as the decisions themselves. Your customer’s experience is no different. How they feel in your process is just as important as having a process in the first place.

Businesses are shaping the world and I want to help the few I view as winners.

What The Future Holds

2020 brought unexpected gifts. I became my higher self and no one noticed. (Haha, no really, read my Medium article, ‘I Became My Higher Self and No One Noticed‘).

I’m ready to apply my empathic gifts in a new way. I’m now an ordained minister and will be performing weddings and ceremonies in Las Vegas! I hope to expand my celebrant services to one day include funerals, home blessings, and births, among other important life events.

This has been a long-time calling that seems to have just needed to be forged in fire first.

I’m excited for this new chapter, IN ADDITION to what I do for people as business owners.

I will always be there to help people meet their needs, especially businesses, who have the potential to reach so many.

Thank you for reading,


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IYKYK Tiny Mic Series on Email Marketing at KMJ Web Design & Marketing, 04/05/24

Marketing Funnel Workshop for Young Entrepreneurs at Positively Arts, 03/18/24


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